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The redLMB approach boosts your marketing operations.

Why? Because we focus on optimizing conversions, raising brand awareness, and deciphering analytics to make you money while saving your team time. Let’s work together.


Our Approach

Executing your strategy is only one way we support you.  In addition to developing and implementing the full cycle of your campaign or operations management need, we will also fully document the process, and provide training, complete with written and online materials.


Success for us isn’t just implementation. It’s about designing and delivering an optimized process that you and your team can continue to replicate and improve upon.

research your data-driven results


You outline the strategy. We fill in the tactics by grounding our operations plans in research that helps us ensure understanding of your customers, their pain points, and your industry. We’ll also audit your current process to pinpoint redundancies and wasted effort.


Why create today’s solution when you face tomorrow’s opportunities? We use predictive analytics based on business intelligence touch-points from market and your own customer analytical insights to help us predict future behavior based on probabilities. We then plot the best path for your success.

forecast a path for your tactical plan of attack
execute your operations


Our execution plan combines research and predictive analytics with clear-cut milestones and agile project management. We seek to automate as much of the process as possible. We implement each task and tactic with detailed precision. And we document each step of the way so that it is simple to rinse, wash, and repeat and adapt the process for the future as needed.

Analyze Marketing Operations Metrics

Results are fine and dandy but what do they really mean? Agile organizations with optimized marketing operations are able to adapt their efforts, quickly and successfully, in response to changing customer behavior. We analyze each iteration of a campaign or launch. The data we mine then gives us stronger insights as to how to better refine your marketing operations process. From there, you can continue to brainstorm big strategies for improved customer satisfaction, acquisition, and retention.

analyze activated results and measure success

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redLMB transforms your strategy into results. We help you get down to brass tacks and execute on improving your bottom line.

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