Quick Guide: What is Lead Scoring (and 6 Ways to Get Better At It)

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Quick Guide: What is Lead Scoring (and 6 Ways to Get Better At It)

You know you should be pursuing leads, but what are the right leads?

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How to Focus on 7 Marketing Operations Must Haves (Ninjas and Gurus Not Included)

Marketing operations sure aren’t sexy, but man, are they essential. So, when we ask people what makes for amazing marketing operations, and we inevitably hear the answer that a “ninja”, a “rockstar” or a “guru” must be present somewhere, we get a bit concerned.


Cause ninjas and rockstars are pretty cool, but I’m not sure they’re 100% essential (my apologies to David Bowie and the Ninja Turtles).


However, you lose the person who pulls the list from the database and the QA specialist who puts your campaign through the wringer before it’s deployed? That spells trouble, my friend. Trouble in River City.


There is a perception that there must be that one person who just makes it happen. This so-called ninja whose magical abilities get all the focus because they alone produce results. He is hands-on with a high-tech aptitude. She’s critical to building and executing processes. In short, this person is the “must have” who singularly possesses the secrety-secrets that make best marketing operations happen.


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Why Saying Thank You Is a Key to Good Marketing

Some of the best marketing you can do for your business is to say thank you to your customers (even before they become your customers).

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The Two Meetings All Couples (and Work Teams) Should Have

Working in teams can be tough. Geeta Nadkarni shares the two meetings all couples (and work teams) should have.

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7 Secrets to Subscription Business Model Success

It’s no secret that better short term cash flow makes business owners and boards happy. Here are 7 more secrets of how you can incorporate a subscription business model for long-term success.

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4 Steps to Turn Data Into Predictive Analytics

How are you analyzing your data to tell the probable story of where your customers are headed? We suggest these 4 steps to turn that data into predictive analytics that can forecast your future results.

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#MondayMotivate: Theme Music for Your Week

Did you live through #BlackFriday? Whether you got up crazy early to hit the sales or hit that snooze button, congrats on living through another holiday weekend with your family, friends, and possible fried turkey adventures.


Here’s some theme music for your week to get you #MondayMotivated.

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3 Sure-Fire Ways to Battle Training Issues

Training your team has long-lasting effects for profits and productivity. In today’s world, the biggest business threat is time. A knowledge-poor and skills-lacking team or organization that can’t move quickly will most likely also sink quickly because they can’t move with confidence or agility.


How can we help your business and employees find the sure-fire ways to battle being overwhelmed, distracted, and impatient?

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#MondayMotivate: Theme Music For Your Week

It might be Monday, but you know you’re looking towards that long holiday weekend.


In the meantime, you should hit the Hills with the Weeknd, plan to binge-watch iZombie (hello David Anders, we’re so happy you’re a villain again),  learn all the words to 1D’s Drag Me Down so you can truly annoy your little sister with your British accent, and once again, try unsuccessfully to convince your friend who pre-purchased the Star Wars tickets that he should give them to you.


Let’s get some theme music going for your week.

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Smart Solutions: What You Absolutely Can’t Miss

It’s not your mama’s smartphone. Step up and get the latest on the 5 marketing trends CMOs (and business owners) can’t ignore in 2016.

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