Smart connections mean smart business

Discovering where your business connects with success and intersects with awesome is our specialty.


So what does this mean for you? We use nearly 15 years experience in both for-profit and non-profit worlds to help you build and advance relationships, create unique learning experiences that connect people, change understanding, and personalize and drive ideas. Here at redlmb management solutions, we love strategy, learning, tech, creativity, process, and data. (We also teach a mean change management course using Dance Dance Revolution, a paperclip, and chewing gum.)

No matter the business area you’re looking to supercharge, we want to partner with you to produce innovative in-person, online, and blended experiences, financial ROI, marketing, and communications, or design catalytic strategic operations or sponsorship plan and campaigns. We also provide short and long term management solutions for your projects or business.

Your culture and financials stay at the forefront.Your results and solutions grounded in quantitative and qualitative research. Your business…connected.

We strive to re-energize, optimize, uncover, and create extraordinary experiences, operations, events, and ideas. Let us help your organization supercharge its next opportunity to success.