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Here at redlmb management solutions, we love people, strategy, learning, tech, creativity, process, and data. (We also teach a mean change management course using Dance Dance Revolution, a paperclip, and chewing gum.)

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We deliver powerful customized presentations to groups around the world. Designed to motivate and transform, we believe that a speech should push audiences out of the box and into extraordinary. We speak on technology, sales, performance management, change management, customer service, hospitality, and talent.
Executive transition? Merger and acquisition? Maybe just in need of a Sunshine Committee? No matter your organizational development need, redlmb management solutions can help you find a solution for ultimate engagement, impact, and opportunity that gets to the simple strategies you need and then allows you to drive the team to success.
From recruiting to onboarding new employees to adopting new technologies and sales strategies, redlmb management solutions can help you craft a new curriculum, plan and implement, then evaluate how effective and impactful it was.
Distance and time can get in the way of much needed people and organizational capability building. We can work with you to craft a custom online or blended solution that is interactive, device friendly (so your people can take it anytime, anywhere, on any device), and assessment built in so YOU can track and see results from your investment.
We've found that blending solutions together can sometimes be the best fit for helping complex get simple (and can also make for an awesome smoothie(. We'll map out your needs, brainstorm strategic, research based options that we can deliver to your team online and in person so that your learning and development dollars go further.


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We want to get to know you, so that when you bring us your complex, we can easily help you get to a easily implementable solution that fits for YOUR business or organization.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication Leonardo da Vinci

Think of us like the bat signal, if you will.

  • we love solutions
  • we aspire to eat our weight in dark chocolate
  • we love your success

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